Emcrown Clinical Research

EmcrownPatient Care

Get in touch with our team to know the recruiting studies and how you can participate.

Patient care is paramount to us and we place high premium on the safety and support to the patient at all times. Staff are readily available to respond to any concerns and challenges of the patients, families and caregivers.
Emcrown utilizes technology and innovative techniques to accelerate patient enrolment. Our access to numerous patients’ databases, advertisement and exemplary site-specific operating procedures facilitates high study recruitment and retention numbers.

Patient Safety Management

Our medical and safety management team protects patients throughout the clinical trial process. We provide pre-trial safety assessments that minimizes risk and maximize efficiencies. We also have structured adverse event response planning and standardized safety protocols and reporting systems.

Participate in Clinical Study

Emcrown Clinical Research has various on-going clinical studies in various conditions at any point in time. Your participation in a clinical study can make a difference in healthcare as the completion of the study will be beneficial to individuals suffering from that illness or condition globally.

Your participation in a study can also be beneficial to you as you will access free professional medical care at no cost to you, no medical insurance required and you may receive compensation for your transportation, time and other expenses you incur during the study.


Get in touch with Our Team to know the recruiting studies and how you can participate.